Acupuncture Research: Acupuncture and the Bladder


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In recent years there has been an increase of research being done for the effectiveness of acupuncture for various health conditions. We would like to start highlighting some of the research that has been done. Each month we will blog about research updates. The research done on acupuncture will help you feel more comfortable about acupuncture and Chinese medicine as well as see evidence of Chinese medicine’s effectiveness. We hope that these research updates will be of value for you.

This month’s research update is about how acupuncture has been shown to be effective for bladder control. Healthcare Medicine Institute published a study that showed that acupuncture was effective for urinary incontinence.   There are millions of people around the world that suffer from urinary incontinence. There could be several reasons for urinary incontinence such as age, trauma, and neurological conditions.

The research study had two groups, one that did acupuncture alone and another that added electrostimulation with the acupuncture. Both groups had significantly shown effectiveness to help control the bladder. The acupuncture alone group had a 54 percent efficacy and the acupuncture plus electrostimulation had a 86 percent efficacy.


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Either way the study showed that acupuncture is effective for chronic urinary incontinence. There still needs to be more research done to make stronger conclusions.

The bladder in Chinese medicine stores and excretes urine. In fact in the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic, it says “The urinary bladder serves as the officer of an administrative division who takes charge of storing and excreting water (urine).” The bladder channel runs along the entire body from the head to the foot along the entire back and back of the legs. When there are urinary problems we will strengthen both the kidney and the bladder. The kidney has a strong relationship to the bladder.   As we strengthen both kidney and bladder it will help with urinary incontinence.

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Acupuncture is effective for urinary incontinence and will help balance your body. If you suffer or anyone has problems with their bladder, have them contact us at Master Lu’s Health Center in Salt Lake City to see how we can help