Chinese Medicine: Huang Qi (Astragalus)

Chinese Medicine|Chinese Herbs|Huang QiMaster Lu’s Health Center in Salt Lake City is a Chinese medical clinic that practices all aspects of Chinese medicine including acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy.  Chinese medicine is a complete medical system that diagnoses and treats disease. It has been used for over 3,000 years and has shown to be a viable form of health care. One aspect of Chinese medicine that we don’t hear much about here in the West is Chinese herbs.  There are thousands of Chinese herbs that help with many different health conditions.  One Chinese herb that is very common is huang qi or astragalus.

Huang qi is categorized as a supplementing qi or boosting qi herb.  That means that it will help you improve your energy levels, and improve the function of your organs overall.  Huang qi is a sweet and slightly warm herb. It will enter into the spleen and lung channels.  Huang qi grows throughout China, especially in the northern most regions of China.

There are many different functions for huang qi.  The following are some the most common functions and indications for huang qi:

  •   Huang qi will supplement the spleen and improve your energy levels.  So if you feel tired, have a low appetite, and loose stools, huang qi can help you.
  • It will raise the yang qi within the spleen and stomach. This means that it is useful for prolapse disorders and bleeding disorders.  There are many people who will have bladder prolapses or uterus prolapses.  Huang qi has the ability to lift and help with the prolapses.
  • Huang qi will improve your protective qi. In Western terms this means that huang qi may have the capability to improve your immune system.  There are formulas that include huang qi in the composition to improve the immune system, especially when you are suffering with allergies or recurrent colds.
  • It will help with nourishing the blood and supplement the qi.  There are times when there will be severe  blood loss such as post surgery, post partum, or blood loss from trauma and huang qi can be used to help with such conditions.
  • Promotes urination and reduce edema.
  • Promotes the discharge of pus and generates flesh. Such cases will include ulcerations or sores that have not healed properly.
  • Huang qi will also help with diabetic signs and symptoms.

As you can see there are several functions of huang qi.  How is it used when there are so many different functions and indications for this herb?  The beauty of Chinese medicine is that it focuses on balance.  Chinese herbs are used in formulas that are balanced and used for specific Chinese medical diagnosis.  Huang qi will be part of Chinese herbal formulas.  There are many different formulas that will use huang qi for very specific Chinese medical diagnosis. For example, huang qi is used in a formula called Yu Ping Feng San.  This formula is good for allergies and recurrent colds. It will help with the immune system and improve your energy.  Huang qi alone may help a little, but it works better when there is a formula involved.

Chinese herbs are a lifetime study and practice.  They are utilized throughout the world and have shown to be effective.  Huang qi is a wonderful herb for many different health conditions.

If you would like to learn how Chinese herbs may help you improve your health please give us a call today at Master Lu’s Health Center.