Introduction to Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi Training Salt Lake City

Do you feel stressed?

Do you feel unbalanced?

Maybe you are experiencing some chronic pain?

Or would you like to start exercising more?

If you have these feelings or similar feelings we can help you.  One of the best exercises that you can practice to help you feel balanced, peace, and energized is Tai Chi.  Tai Chi is a Chinese exercise and martial art that is wonderful for all ages.  By practicing Tai Chi you will feel more energy and balance in your life.

Research studies have found that Tai Chi has the following benefits:

  • improve the immune system
  • cardiovascular benefits
  • stress reduction
  • balance

Tai Chi has been mentioned by Harvard Medical School that it is not only “meditation in motion, but medication in motion.”

To help you start to learn Tai Chi, Master Lu’s Health Center is now offering one month introductory class.  You will learn Tai Chi principles, philosophy, and the beginning movements.  This class will help you begin your path to study and practice the Chinese art of Tai Chi.

Classes are going to begin Saturday September 3rd and will be every Saturday to September 24th  Classes are 7:30 am.   Classes are for all new and beginning students.  The price is $40 for the month of September.

Registration is now open for class sessions.  Call Master Lu’s Health Center today to register for your class and begin your journey to learn Tai Chi.  Call today at 801-463-1101