Kung Fu FAQ

What style of Kung Fu do you teach?

We teach Northern Shaolin Kung Fu at Master Lu’s Health Center. Northern Shaolin is characterized by utilizing the feet more than other styles of Kung Fu.

Northern Shaolin is a comprehensive style that includes kicks, jumps, sweeps, and throws.

What is your ranking system?

According to our system we have it broken down into Student, Instructor, Disciple, and Master. You can test at each level to check progress. There are no charges for testing.

Is Kung Fu good for self-defense?

Yes, Kung Fu is one of the oldest forms of martial arts. You will learn not only to improve your body’s health, but also self-defense.

What should I expect during a class?

Master Lu’s Health Center teaches Kung Fu in a traditional manner. When you come in there will be group warm ups and basics. After, the warm ups, basics, and conditioning, the class will split up and you will practice what you have studied on your own. An instructor will come by and depending on how well you have practiced the instructor will teach you more.

All of the learning is according to your ability and at your own pace.

Do you teach weapons?

Yes, Northern Shaolin has many weapons. At Master Lu’s Health Center we teach staff, spear, sword, saber, whip chain, three sectional staff, Guan Dao and other weapons.

What do I wear?

You can wear something that is loose and some good shoes to move around in. We do have pants and t-shirts for sale. When we have performances it is better to wear the uniforms from Master Lu’s Health Center.

What are the instructors teaching qualifications and experience?

All instructors have studied with Master Lu for a considerable amount of time. All of the instructors have tested and have experience with teaching.

Master Lu has been teaching and practicing Chinese martial arts for over 45 years. He learned in Taiwan from Grandmaster Yin Chian Ho. Master Lu was one of Grandmaster Yin’s top student. Master Lu was also grand-national champion in Taiwan for fighting. He was also a national martial arts coach in Taiwan, and taught martial arts in schools throughout Taiwan.

Master Lu has been teaching both Tai Chi and Kung Fu in Utah since 1976. He has had several studios and thousands of students here in Utah. Master Lu’s Health Center is committed to help you reach your goals and to learn Chinese martial arts.