Nutritional Services

Have you been feeling fatigued?

Have you felt like it has been difficult to lose weight?

Do you feel sluggish and difficult to focus?

Do you seem to get sick easy?

When you start feeling out of balance and its difficult for you to feel healthy, it may be that you may have a nutritional deficiency.

Nutrition is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. Without the proper nutrition over time you will start to feel tired, out of focus, and different health conditions may arise.

One of the branches of Chinese medicine is nutrition and food therapy. Sun SiMiao, an ancient Chinese physician, emphasized nutrition for healing.

He said “A truly good doctor first finds out the cause of a disease and based on such findings, he first tries to treat it with foods.  Only when food fails to produce the desired results does he resort to medication such as herbs and acupuncture.”

One of the questions that may arise is what type of nutrition is good for us in these modern days. There are so many different vitamins and supplements. You can be confused on what are the best nutritional supplements and diets for your body.

Unfortunately, our modern diet does lack the nutrition we need for our bodies. Many of the vitamins that are offered in the health food stores also lack much of the nutritional components we need for our body. Vitamins and supplements that are provided in stores are typically synthetic and won’t contain the complete nutrient value you would find in whole foods.  We have the answer for you that will bridge the gap of our modern nutritional deficiencies.

Whole food nutritional supplements will provide you all of the components and nutrition for the body to promote the body’s self-healing mechanisms. You will feel amazing health benefits with whole food nutrition:

  • Improved immune system
  • Increased energy
  • Balanced
  • Weight control
  • Improved memory and focus
  • Improved organ function

We will provide you the best whole food based nutritional products. We will also help you design a lifestyle that will fit your diet and nutrition. If you have any health problems we will also provide nutritional counseling and products that will address your health concerns.

Start feeling abundant health today by contacting us today at Master Lu’s Health Center !