Protect Yourself from the Common Cold and Flu



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Fall is here and winter is soon coming.  With the weather turning colder the season is here when you may catch a cold or get the flu.  There are several different remedies to help with colds and flu that work well.  Acupuncture and Chinese medicine offers several different natural remedies that you can do to help you with your cold or flu.

Chinese medicine is all about prevention.  It is important to build your body up so you don’t get sick and catch a cold.  Acupuncture has been shown to help improve your immune system.  If you got regular acupuncture treatments even when you are not sick, the treatments will help prevent you catching a cold.  Your body will be strong enough to fight the virus on its own.

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Chinese medicine is also about balance in your life.  Causes of disease in Chinese medicine includes overwork, lack of sleep or too much, lack of exercise or too much exercise, over thinking, and improper diet. When we do anything that is out of balance whether it is too much work or lack of exercise we will be more apt to get sick or catch a cold.  When we live in more of a balanced way it will be easier for your body to prevent from having the common cold.

If in the case you do catch a cold,  acupuncture and Chinese herbs are very effective.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbs will help you overcome the cold quicker and with less side effects than taking medications.  The Chinese herbs that are effective for the cold and flu are both anti-viral and anti-bacterial herbs.  In Chinese medicine terms they clear wind heat or cold.   When you take Chinese herbs for the common cold you may feel results within a day or two.

In acupuncture we look at what channel is effected. The Lung channel is typically affected when you have a cold.  We will use acupuncture points that help with the lung channel and other points to clear wind and if you have either heat signs or cold signs.   Acupuncture will also help your immune system so your cold will not come back.

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Some other things that will help with the common cold or flu is drinking warm water.  Do not drink cold water with ice for the time being until your cold is gone.  If you have sore throat you can drink lemon tea or if you are experiencing chills you can drink ginger tea.  All of these simple remedies will help you overcome your cold and feel better.

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