Simple Exercise to Help Headaches

There are many people who will experience headaches caused by many different reasons.  Many people will have headaches monthly, weekly, and daily.  What do you do about helping your headaches?  You may take medication, rest, or do something naturally.  Many of the medications for headaches could come with side effects that will affect your health in many ways.  There are more people who have been turning to more natural methods such as acupuncture, herbs, and homeopathics with success.  One simple way comes from a set of exercises called eight section of brocade or Ba Duan Jin.

This exercise is called open sky touch heel.  It helps with harmonizing your kidney and liver.  It will improve blood flow and help you with headaches.  Besides headaches it will also help you with low back pain and flexibility.  Below is a video of how to do open sky touch heel.   If you or anyone you know has migraine headaches please watch and share the video.