Three Methods to Help Reduce Stress


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Stress is a major factor that may cause disease. According to Chinese medicine, when there is too much stress it will cause imbalance and different health problems will arise.   Stress may cause you to have insomnia, stomach problems, and headaches. The good thing is that it is possible to manage and decrease stress. Here are three methods that you can do to decrease stress.

Deep Breathe and Meditate

As a society we are always rushed and busy through out day and lives. With all of the things that we do each day, it can get stressful. Some people will have more stress than others.   One simple method that will help reduce your stress from the day is to take some time to deep breathe and meditate.

Breathing will help you feel better and calm your mind. As you focus on your breath it will help you relax your mind and feel calm. Deep breathing will put you in more of a meditative state and will reduce your stress.

When you breathe deeply it is important to use your nose to breath. When you breathe in sink your breath down to your belly so your stomach expands out. When you breathe out your belly will come inward. This type of deep breathing will help you feel more relaxed.


Exercise will help release different hormones and chemicals such as endorphins. The release of these natural substances in your body will help you feel better and reduce your stress.

Mind body exercises such as Tai Chi will help with reducing stress. Tai Chi will help calm the mind and improve your energy.

Go out and exercise. It will help you manage your stress.


Acupuncture is part of Chinese medicine. Acupuncture will help you reduce stress and anxiety. It will calm your mind and allow you to better manage stress. Acupuncture will act on the brain and release different chemicals, neurotransmitters, and hormones. These natural substances that your brain releases will reduce your stress and calm your mind.

We treat people all of the time for stress and anxiety.   Acupuncture will help you feel balanced, calm, and rejuvenated.

By practicing deep breathing, exercising, and acupuncture you will be able to better manage your stress. You will feel better, more energized, and balanced.


If you feel you need to reduce your stress give us a call anytime at Master Lu’s Health Center in Salt Lake City.